Lucky ~ Unlucky

December 17, 2014

My Dearest Raymond

It was a thrill & surprise to hear your voice yesterday. I’m so glad the best wishes I sent were well received. I really was doing so well in my quest to forget about you. I had almost turned a corner. But it all seems to fly out the window where you’re concerned. I’m going to continue my letters, they aren’t just for you, but an outlet for me, Here is my latest bad poetry about you.

Lucky, Unlucky

Which one I can’t tell

Cause ever since I met you

I’ve been under a spell.

Some people wait a life time

to feel just like this,

Lucky, Unlucky

Never kissed, yet blissed.

This energy between us

has no place to go,

This crazy love between us

Just seems to grow and grow.

Unlucky that I met you

Unlucky for us both

Time stands still here

Love’s grip won’t let go.

Lucky that I met you

Lucky you looked into my eyes,

Lucky to have loved you

All these years of my life.

Sage xo



December 16, 2014

There’s a place that I go

Beyond the sky and clouds,

Beyond every boundary

Where I can think my thoughts out loud.

The world crashing down

or calm ocean blue,

That one sacred place

I can simply be with you.

It started when we were young,

And I hope it lasts til we’re old,

A thousand miles between us

Our love never burns cold.

We’ve loved in different lifetimes

My soul knows the truth,

The spectacular place I go

And wrap myself up in you.

Sage xo


March 2, 2013

Dear Raymond,

I have been hard at work on my latest writing project and this is my excuse for not writing you a letter sooner. It was so lovely to see you in passing the other day and to hear your gentle voice over the phone. You seem so filled with a happiness it makes one wonder about your other faces.

I was happy to ‘take it back’ as you requested and received it as a message that you still want to stay in touch even if it’s only through random messages. At this very moment as I am writing this, I feel like a stretched out patch of desert. It’s uncomfortably hot, I’m restless and the end doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to be in sight. I had hoped I was a beach; that you were the tide and I was the sand, but it’s really not looking that way right now. I have to hold on to hope and remind myself that how things feel may not be the way things are.

I miss you lots.




June 11, 2012

My Dearest Raymond,

Time has been virtually flying by, it makes me both happy and sad. Happy because it really doesnt feel like waiting on the weeks between our visits. Happy because when you’re waiting for a miracle, the quick passing of time takes away impatience. Sad though, because I’m having another birthday again. And it feels like it was only yesterday I had one.

I’ve been keeping a written journal which also explains the lack of letters I post here. And I’ve also written some new poetry, which I wanted to share. I wrote it about you so it is only fitting that you should read it.

There’s a light in your eyes

When I stand near

A love overflowing

For every one of my tears

A magic moment

that never leaves

It seems to carry on

no matter the years

I must be imagining

Can it be real?

I cant seem to erase

all this love that I feel.

Love Sage


February 4, 2011

Dear Raymond,

Seeing you again after all of these years has really been wonderful for me. There was a time when I finally decided I had to move on and let my girlhood crush go. A lifetime seems to have gone by since then. These poems are from my journal dating back to 1997.  I made a promise to myself that I would never let you go as the poem describes but then had to break it. I want you to know that since it is kismet that we met again, I have reclaimed and taken up the promise. If I had one wish, it would be to freeze the world for 24 hours so we could talk, laugh and reminisce.




Cant find the words that portray

My vision of you

My dreams that say

A view of calm water

A horizon

Bright sun,

A flower

A child

Careless dance with someone.

An old cathedral

I hear it’s bell

A summer breeze

With that certain smell.

All things that are happy & gay

Remind me of you in some small way.


The promise

I can no longer hold

A glimpse inside my guarded soul,

You penetrated it

But then walked away,

You opened the door

But couldnt stay.

I held on

And years have passed

Hoping that the promise would last.

Now I feel the ache in my soul

The promise I made that I can’t hold,

I dont think you ever knew

My healing force

My love for you.