Out of the Blue

March 25, 2015

My Dearest R.

I wouldn’t be writing this letter if not for the dream I had about us last night. It was so warm and wonderful I really didn’t want to wake up. It was nothing scandalous if that’s what you were thinking. It was really rather simplistic. It was just you & I, you were smiling ear to ear.

After I woke up and the memory of the dream began to fade, I asked myself, why did I have this dream? No answers came to me. It could be just the REM stage of sleep with you in my long term memory banks. But that connected feeling in the dream speaks otherwise. Maybe it’s because I was worried that since your recent departure, I fear I may never see you again. Maybe it was my lizard brain trying to hold on.

The other big thing on my mind concerning you was another epiphany of sorts. Random thoughts that expressed quite clearly, that we have to let people be exactly who they are and not who we expect or fantasize them to be. I often wonder, will we ever truly get to know the real person in one another, or will this wither with time because it’s a doomed, unrequited, fantasy. Lots to think about my darling but I’m doing my best to move on in my life.

Hope this letter finds you as happy as you were in my dream,



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