Hell or Paradise

January 14, 2015

My Dearest Raymond,

In just one more post,  I will have written you 52 letters. One for each week of the year. I don’t know if you’ll ever read them, but just the thought of the possibility that these pages could bring you a smile or even a small joy, makes them worth writing. Below is an excerpt, from a beloved author and it captures my feelings. You are in my thoughts, through everything. And right now, everything is not as I had hoped. You never knew this and it probably sounds foolish. But you were someone I could say was a real true friend. How glorious. I fear I am starving slowly and nobody could begin to understand my anguish. Faithfully and always, I send you pure love.


“But love is always new. Regardless of whether we love once, twice or a dozen times in our life, we always face a brand new situation. Love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere. We simply have to accept it, because it is what nourishes our existence. If we reject it, we die of hunger, because we lack the courage to stretch out a hand and pluck the fruit from the branches of the tree of life. We have to take love where we can find it, even if that means hours, days, weeks of disappointments and sadness.

The moment we begin to seek love, love begins to seek us.

And to save us. ”

– Paulo Coelho