June 16, 2012

Dear Raymond,

I wont be updating or writing you letters for awhile. You are away on your holidays soon also. I hope you wont forget about me. I stood near you the other day, I wish I couldve stood there longer. Anyway, I wish you a wonderful vacation filled with happy memories and many blessings. You are my blessing.

Until We Meet Again,




June 11, 2012

My Dearest Raymond,

Time has been virtually flying by, it makes me both happy and sad. Happy because it really doesnt feel like waiting on the weeks between our visits. Happy because when you’re waiting for a miracle, the quick passing of time takes away impatience. Sad though, because I’m having another birthday again. And it feels like it was only yesterday I had one.

I’ve been keeping a written journal which also explains the lack of letters I post here. And I’ve also written some new poetry, which I wanted to share. I wrote it about you so it is only fitting that you should read it.

There’s a light in your eyes

When I stand near

A love overflowing

For every one of my tears

A magic moment

that never leaves

It seems to carry on

no matter the years

I must be imagining

Can it be real?

I cant seem to erase

all this love that I feel.

Love Sage