Thank You

March 26, 2012

Dear Raymond,

I freely admit that over the course of this year I have found myself fretting about my feelings for you. I lost faith for awhile. The grown up in me said that I was being silly and unrealistic, that behaving this way was childish and foolish. I even began to think it was all a big curse.

Seeing you the other day simply took my breath away. True to your nature, you kept your word & you placed my prayer in a sacred place. You said you were tempted to look up the words I had chosen, but out of respect for me you didn’t. Your act of goodwill toward me filled me with such wonderful energy. The fact that you took time out of your personal life, to make my quest, was truly kind. Secretly, it was meant to tempt you & I had hoped that you would look it up.

Those four words are the greek definitions for love. Each one is a unique form of love and I believe that we all should one day experience them. These words also encaptured how I felt about you, and it was a cry to God, to bring everything to fruition.

Spending time with you made me realize that our relationship is not a bad joke, a trick or even a curse. It is a divine blessing. Because of you, a piece of me is forever in Israel. I couldnt thank you enough or express how much it means to me. I could only try, by keeping up with my letters.

With Gladness,




March 14, 2012

Dear Raymond,

So this is the place I can say whatever I want to you and have the anonymity and safety of never receiving a reply. I pour out every thought and breath, I bring all of my secret stolen moments here. Because I know you aren’t reading this. I often wonder what you might think of this little blog I’ve got going on.

I feel so far away from you right now. I know that love is in essence, selfless, and so I understand the way things must be. I spoke aloud my feelings and looked to the sky. The sky had no answers. Near calm waters & thought of you here.

Wandering & Crazy,

Sage xo

Whispers To God

March 3, 2012

Dear Raymond,

agápe éros philía storgē

I’ve done the opposite of what I’ve felt recently. I”ve pulled back when I wanted to be closer. Either way, it’s getting more difficult to pretend I’m not totally enamoured with you. I hope for once, I’ve prayed the right prayer & God hears it & answers.