October 17, 2011

Dear Raymond,

You visited me in my dreams last night. It was unmistakably you. It’s the third dream I’ve ever had about you in over 15 years.  Since they’re so few and far between, theyre etched in my memory banks forever. I wonder, have you ever had a dream about me? I guess you’re too busy for that. That’s what I’ve been thinking of lately, is how you’re always working. I pray a lot and think of a time, hopefully soon that you will devote some time to the wonderful person who is you.

I wont get into too specific details, for obvious reasons, but this dream in essence was a beautiful and sublime experience. It began sort of tense, I was trying to see you but found a bit of an obstacle in my way. I felt disappointed and upset and all but gave up hope for seeing you. Suddenly, the air flew out the room, the other characters disappeared and I was surrounded in shining white. Out of no where you appeared and were smiling at me.

In this dream, all was right, everything felt complete and I felt a softness I have never experienced. You held me in your arms. If you’re reading this, be sure to ask me what happened in the dream and how it ended. I can only tell you that I felt a freedom, that was so intimate, it brought me tears of joy.

Well, I sure am a gigantic mush pot, you can now crown me the queen of cheese. I havent seen much of you lately, and I feel as if we are on totally different wave lengths. I’m familiar with being away from you, but it’s dreams like these that remind me we are always connected by heart.

It’s Been Too Long,

Sage xo