September 26, 2011

“The love that lasts the longest is the love that is not returned”

Dear Raymond,

I keep a small notebook on my night table beside my bed. In it contains several quotes about love that inspire me. I think it’s good to have things in your life that have the capacity to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But when I came across this quote., it made me sad. It made me think of you, my feelings for you and how they havent been realized.

When I begin to think about this, my mind travels far.  I remind myself how cool it was to find you again, how wonderful I feel in your presence but mostly I’m reminded of a deep yearning to love you in the way that I really want to.  Time has been kind to us both. Even when I thought I would never see you again, fate decided to give us a hand. When I start to get impatient, I know I must have faith and trust in time.

I read this little story and thought it was inspiring. It was too long for my little notebook so I thought I’d write it here. It spoke of an island called Love, where all the feelings resided. Over time, the feelings all left but love stayed. Eventually love got lonely and started to ask the feelings as they sailed by if they would come back. Vanity answered, “sorry but it takes far too much time for me to keep care of my beauty and be with you”. Riches replied that it also needed all of its time and attention for its money and gold. Happiness sailed by, proclaimed it was happy to see love again but laughed with even more happiness and kept on sailing. Joy came to visit and with it brought Knowledge and Time. At last, Love was finally fulfilled with over flowing Joy. Love asked Knowledge, why did Joy come to stay, to which Knowledge replied, only Time understands love”. 

Know that my thoughts of you are as many as the stars, that my heart contains so much joy and hope for you, and that no matter what happens, you will always find an enduring friend in me.