May 19, 2011

Dear Raymond,

About 13 years ago, a close friend of mine was having a birthday and I wanted to give her an unusual gift. Just for fun, another friend of mine recommended a local psychic she knew and said she was very good. I didn’t much care for accuracy, I simply wanted my friend to have a memorable birthday.

We each were given a private reading which lasted an hour and it turned out that she was extremely accurate . When it came for my turn, I was totally taken aback by what I was told. She gave me a message from beyond the grave, from my child’s father who was deceased, that he was sorry to have to have left me and he emphasized our daughter getting a stellar education among a few other things. This woman knew things about me that I had never disclosed. She picked up on my abuse history and she told me that I was a deeply spiritual person, and that I knew how to look inside for answers and healing. I wasnt much interested in her reading of my past, I was dying to know what my future held.

She told me I would have another daughter, ( I did) and that she saw a dark time coming for me if I didn’t resolve the depression I was going to experience (true again). And finally she said I would have a dark night of the soul and all she could see was praying hands. (this later came true). She told me my gift was inspirational and that I would do work involving public speaking. When I asked about who I would marry her face lit up. “It’s someone who is very different from you, but you compliment each other wonderfully”. Me, being the practical woman that I am, asked, “But how will I know who it is?”She said he would carry a briefcase. She said by age 35, I will have grown a great deal and will be well on my way. She saw boats in a harbour and that I wouldn’t be too far from the city I’m from. (all true)

The briefcase clue really didn’t narrow down the possibilities. No word of a lie, every man I’ve ever been attracted to, I have put the question forth. It’s an odd question to ask on a date, but I want to find my true love. I still believe in it.  So today I told my daughter the story about the psychic, about  the briefcase. And when I saw you today, I got up the nerve to ask. You said no and I was surprised by this.

I was really flattered by you today. After I left I was feeling very emotional. And then it hit me. It’s not about a fortune coming true, some things are just meant to be and some things depend on our choices. I gave you my heart a very long time ago, and I await the day you return it. Knowing you is a precious gift. You have many admirable qualities but your gentleness is the best. It’s soothing to my soul.