Pull Of Your Heart

January 31, 2011

Dear Raymond,

I hadnt planned on seeing you yesterday. I psyched myself into not thinking about you or your presence but through a surprise I caught a glimpse of you. I was told your face lit up when you saw me. I didnt stay long because I wasnt there for me. So it was a warm surprise even if it was only all for a brief thirty seconds.

After I went home I was in good spirits. And I began to think about who you are. You are kind, gentle, caring, funny and warm. You are soft spoken and never judge. You always see the very best in me, even at times when things arent at their best. Whoever is married to you is  so lucky to have you. Your friends and family are blessed to have such a wonderful person in their life. And on the flip side, I would love to see what you’re like on a bad day. I wonder what your faults must be.

They say that love is blind and nothing is perfect. It’s not about finding the perfect person rather it’s about finding out if a person is perfect for you. I was supposed to see you again tomorrow but everything was cancelled due to the snow. So I guess I’ll have to hold on to the warm thought of you from yesterday, until we meet again.




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